Subject matter and definitions

The General terms and conditions regulate the relationship between the Customer and Excella, and their mutual rights and duties with respect to the order, delivery and payment of services.

In the General terms and conditions, the following terms are defined as stated below:

Excella – Sole proprietorship for consulting and language services, owner Ana Čolić, entered into the Register of Sole Proprietorships under the registration number: 97824836, based in Otok Svibovski, Dalmatinska 3, owner Ana Čolić; as the Service Provider;

Customer – every natural or legal person ordering a service / entering into a service agreement with Excella;

Quote – Excella’s written reply containing all the information regarding the service;

Agreement – every service agreement that the Customer and Excella enter into;

Service – one of the services that Excella provides, that has been agreed upon in writing and that refers to one of the following services:

  1. Translation and interpreting,
  2. Teaching and consulting services,
  3. Proofreading, editing, writing and quality assessment,
  4. Transcription.

Ordering and payment method

In order to create a Quote with all the details, Excella needs the personal and contact information of the Customer, a specification of the service the Customer is interested in, and/or the source materials (legible text, clear audio file, or other format). The Customer confirms and accepts the Quote in writing via email and agrees to pay the quoted price. The Customer agrees with the terms of the General terms and conditions and confirms to have fully read and understood them.

The Quote contains the details of the service, such as price and timeline. Express services are charged an extra 25% of the cost of service.

Payments can be made to Excella’s bank account. Cash payments are not accepted. Payments can be made in EUR. Excella is not liable to VAT (Narodne Novine No. 73/13), VAT is not charged according to Art. 90 Par. 1 and 2 of the Law on VAT.

Translation, proofreading, editing, writing, quality assessment and transcription services will be charged per standard page. A standard page contains 1.500 characters including spaces and is rounded up to a full page. Payment will be made as follows: 30% in advance, the rest after service completion, and before service delivery. Excella will deliver, and the Customer will receive the services via email or registered mail at the Customer’s expense.

Interpreting services will be charged per hour or as a fixed daily rate (depending on the duration of the service). Payment will be made as follows: 50% in advance, the rest after service completion.

The fees for teaching and consulting services will be charged per hour. The fees will be paid in advance. The costs of certificates, textbooks and other materials are included in the fees.

The Customer can cancel teaching and consulting appointments in writing via email at least 24 hours before its beginning, otherwise it will be charged in full. In special cases, if the Customer has submitted a written request and the request is valid, Excella can return the fees in part or in full. Excella’s management is responsible for such decisions.

Responsibilities and complaints

Excella will complete all orders in a conscientious and professional way and deliver a high service quality.

As to the way in which Excella provides its services and to the quality of the provided services, the Customer can submit a written complaint to the email address within eight working days after service delivery. Excella will reply within five working days after the receipt of the complaint. If Excella determines that the complaint is valid, it will change the translation / work, and remove the identified fault in an appropriate way within an appropriate period of time. If Excella does not consider the complaint to be valid, it will notify the Customer thereof in writing.

Faults in translation, proofreading, editing, writing and transcription services are: spelling, grammar, style and content errors. Excella is not responsible for the style and quality of the source material.

Faults in English and German teaching and consulting services do not include a participant’s failure at an exam. Excella cannot be held responsible if a participant does not achieve a certain study or learning goal.

Excella will be liable for any damage caused on purpose or by gross negligence. Excella will not be liable for the failure or improper performance of its services where such failure or improper performance is attributable to the fault of the Customer. Excella will not be liable for any other damage and/or loss of profit caused in any other way, including damage that has occurred as a consequence of a force majeure event. A force majeure event is an unusual and unforeseeable event outside the control of the parties that has occurred after the Quote has been sent / Agreement has been concluded and that could not have been prevented, removed or avoided (e.g. disease, technical failure, earthquake, flood, death, etc.). The party where the force majeure event has occurred will notify the other party thereof without delay and submit relevant evidence therefor. During the force majeure event the rights and duties of the parties will not be fulfilled. In case of doubt, a force majeure event is to be interpreted as specified in the applicable legislation of the Republic of Croatia.

Data protection and confidentiality

Excella will not disclose the personal data of the Customer to third parties. Excella will treat the data of the Customer it has access to as a business secret.

Excella can use the name and/or logo of the Customer for reference purposes.

Final provisions

Excella can update, change or delete the provisions of the General terms and conditions without prior notice. Excella will post updates and changes on its official website. The version of the General terms and conditions valid at the time of the making of the Quote / Agreement will apply.

Excella will try to resolve all disputes that may arise from or in connection to the General terms and conditions in an amicable manner. In failure to do so, the court in Zagreb will be the relevant court of competent jurisdiction for all disputes.

The General terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

The General terms and conditions apply from 10.01.2018.