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Language training and consulting

    In the spoken and written communication with clients and partners, bosses and colleagues, no one can deny the importance of the ability to speak and write correctly in terms of grammar, spelling, word choice and style if we want to leave a good impression, respond accurately and appropriately to different situations and avoid misunderstandings and faux-pas.

    At Excella, we offer the following services:


      With the capacity to work on texts written in Croatian, English and German, we provide professional translation services at very competitive prices. Our translation of your website, contract, or conformity certificate will be error-free and faithful to the original.

      We provide experienced interpreters and certified court interpreters for all events.


      Whether you are planning a trip to a foreign country or hoping to improve or perfect your skills in English or German for business purposes, we will help you achieve your goals quickly. We offer programs in General English, Business English, General German and Business German.

      The program for each language consists of six levels of competency according to the CEFR: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

      The courses will take place online at the time agreed with you, either in small groups or in one-on-one sessions.

      If you want to practice and improve your knowledge in the particular language area used in your company, we organize workshops based on your needs, instructions and materials. Our motto is: Practice makes perfect. We will design a program which will improve your language competences when applied in practice.

      If you need a nationally or internationally recognized language certificate in English and German, we can guide and prepare you for the exam.

      Presentations, sales calls, job interviews and all other situations where you need to speak in front of people can be serious stress triggers, especially when held in a foreign language. Fortunately, we can help because the majority of them have a certain basic structure. We will take you through that structure, ask you the same questions that your audience may ask you and provide you with tools that will enable you to easily sail through these situations.


      When you need to make sure that the content you want to send, share or publish is well-written and well-structured, we will check the text for mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation (e.g. there is no space before a full stop!), inconsistent terminology, awkward phrasing, ambiguous sentences, etc.

      We also give our expert opinion regarding the language quality of your written work. We consider how the content is put together and whether there are any discrepancies or mistakes.

      We offer professional help if you have questions regarding the content, form and style of the text you need to write, or if you simply do not have enough time to write it yourself. Our experts possess all the necessary writing skills to express ideas in a precise way, in the proper format and in grammatically correct sentences. We also use primary and secondary sources of information in a reliable and effective way when we prepare texts.

      The quality of written materials depends on a uniform use of the correct terminology and phrasing. To avoid inconsistency, we can help you by creating glossaries and text templates.

      Glossaries are collections of terms used by a company. They help you use industry-specific and client-specific terminology in a uniform and correct way, which is especially important when there are several possible versions of a term. Text templates will give your staff more time to work on other important things instead of having to consider how to formulate written bids or complaint responses.


      If you have an audio or video file that you need to convert into a text file, we will transcribe it for you in a quick and affordable way.

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